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We offer a wide selection of: Grab Bars | Toilet Paper Dispensers | Napkin/Tampon Dispensers
Paper Towel & Cup Dispensers | Soap Dispensers | Mirrors
Waste Disposal Accessories | Shower Rods | Combination Units
and other accessories
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Grab bars

Concealed Mounting / Snap Flange
Concealed Mounting/ With Set Screws
Exposed Mounting
Exposed Mounting/ Non-Slip Surface
Over 14 standard grab bar configurations are available with three different types of mounting available (concealed mounting with snap flange, concealed mounting with set screws, and exposed mounting). Special configurations are also available.
Toilet Paper Holders  
We have a wide selection of toilet dispensers for all applications: surface and recessed mounted dispensers; plated or stainless steel; single or multiple roll; and multi-functional holders.
Towel Dispensers & Waste Receptacles
We have a wide selection of paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles to accommodate budget, style, and folded and roll type formats.
Napkin/Tampon Dispensers & Disposals
For design & specification flexibility, choose from a variety of models: fully recessed & surfaced stainless steel mounted models, coin mechanism pull knobs, coin boxes with separate door locks.
Paper Towel     
    Cup Dispensers
We provide a wide variety of capacities for all washroom applications: stainless steel or satin finish: recessed and surface mounted paper towel and cup dispensers and disposals are available; paper towel models that accommodate folded and roll type formats.
We have a wide selection of dispensers that meet barrier free standards: surface mounted or recessed, stainless steel, combination stainless steel dispenser & shelf, translucent polyethylene container models, powdered soap dispensers, and more. Soap Dispensers
Waste Disposal Accessories

 In addition to the combination towel dispenser & waste receptacles, we carry a wide range of paper tower and waste receptacles: stainless steel, satin finish, recessed or surfaced mounted, covered receptacles, large capacity, concealed units, under the counter, and more.

Choose from a wide range of styles, frame styles, and material for mirrors for all building types, reflective surfaces, wall mountings, and budgets: a wide variety of sizes, standard and special order stock, angle frame mirrors/ shelves, channel frame mirrors, frameless stainless steel mirrors, tilting mirrors, various mirror frames, mirrors with shelves.
Shower Rods
We carry a wide range of shower curtain rods and accessories: various gauge and diameter, extra-heavy duty stainless steel, various mountings, and other light commercial accessories.
Combination Units 

Partition mounted multi- purpose accessories for toilet compartments unify function & design: eliminate clutter by combining functions such as toilet tissue and seat cover dispensers and napkin disposal.

Multi-purpose unit consisting of mirror,shelf, towel dispenser, and liquid soap dispenser.
Multi-purpose unit consisting seat cover and toilet paper dispenser.


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